Top 5 Lip Balms To Fight Dry Lips This Winter

Lip Balms are our lips’ best friend and saviour. The nip in the air not only announces the onset of Winter but also dry skin, hair fall and parched lips. Our lips play an important role in our lives, in fact, they are constantly in use! Whether we are speaking, pulling a duck face for a photo or sharing a cheeky kiss – our lips are always on the go.

The weather has been drying up pretty fast and I can’t even keep count of how many times I reach for my lip balm to apply it daily. For me, though it has been an ingrained habit that I formed several years ago irrespective of the season. Yes, I consider myself to be a self-proclaimed ” Lip Balm Addict“. I have one in my purse, in the car, on my side table and my nightstand –  I am sure I am missing other spots where I have them stashed out of my compulsive love for them. I am like a kid in a Candy store when it comes to those luring lip balms that these days come in every colour, shape and flavour.

Though finding the best lip balm can be a trying chore depending on your personal skin condition and preference, I have put together my “Top 5 Lip Balms” to give you some diverse options to hydrate and protect your lips in this drying weather. So Pucker Up to give your Best Pout.


nivea balm

What Nivea Says:-  Pamper your lips with NIVEA® Blackberry Shine. Experience long-lasting moisturisation combined with delightful Blackberry Aroma and chosen pigments that leave a touch of colour on your lips. Skin compatibility, dermatologically approved.

Features:-  The lip balm comes in the familiar sturdy twist-up tube packaging which is both convenient to use and carry around. The texture is very light and smooth and immediately hydrates dried out lips leaving behind glossy, healthy-looking lips. The shade Blackberry Shine is a typical plummy colour and it provides decent pigmentation to the lips in a couple of swipes. Perfect for adding a hint of fresh colour and moisture on the go. The fragrance is delicious blackberry-like and being a fruit lover, I absolutely enjoy it. Nivea is a cult brand and its products are pretty much iconic staples found in everybody’s house and this Nivea BlackBerry Shine Caring Lip Balm is a must-try!

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What Maybelline Says About Winter Flush:- Winter care formula with UV filters that protect lips from sun and keep them soft & smooth.

Features:- The Pink Lolita lip balm comes in a small tube with a twist base in a soft pink colour. It is a subtle lip balm that leaves a translucent pink tint on your lips. The consistency of the product is slightly thick though that keeps your lips moisturised for a longer period of time. It has got a mild fruity smell. Since it provides UV protection it is an ideal choice for using it outdoors.

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What Maybelline Says About Pink Lolita:- Continuously moisturises lips for 16 hours. SPF 20 protects lips from the sun.

Features:- Like every other lip balm, it comes in a normal tube. It has got a strawberry flavour to it. A very smooth texture makes the application quite easy though it is advised to apply it using fingertips for best results.

pink lolita


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What Organic Harvest Says:- This lip balm comes with the goodness of Hibiscus, which will give your lips a light red tint. It keeps your lips moisturised for a good 6-8 hours.

Features:- Hibiscus is one of the many varieties of lip balms that Organic Harvest offers. The tint is very mild and barely noticeable making it perfect for everyday use. It comes in a  rotating square packaging. The balm smells delicious and the round shape makes it easy to apply. It is very hydrating and light on the lips.

organic harvest


nykaa balm

What Nykaa Says:- Pucker and pout, while you relish our Nykaa Lip Crush Macaroon Lip Balm. Enriched with Shea Butter & Vitamin E, it delivers long-lasting moisture to your lips & provides year-round protection. Blanket your lips with the sheer tint and whisper sweet nothings!

Features:- Though Nykaa Macaroon lip balm comes in six variants, I picked up Chocolate Hazelnut out of my love for chocolate and macaroons. The packaging is super cute and the fragrance is amazing. It gives you the after effects of eating a macaroon. The balm has a solid wax-like texture and glides smoothly on the lips. It keeps the lips moisturised for decent 3-4 hours.

nykaa lip balm


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What Kama Ayurveda Says:- A rich, natural moisturising lip balm made with Organic Almond & Castor Oil. Blended with Organic Bees Wax & Cocoa Butter for intense nourishment. Leaves the lips replenished, soft & hydrated.

Features:- Kama Ayurveda offers holistic and time-tested beauty products and toiletries that focus on quality, aesthetics and purity. True to its face value, this lip balm is a repairing and refreshing lip treatment that combines a rich blend of butter and oils to rescue parched and dehydrated lips. It is delicately scented and leaves a tingling cooling effect of peppermint oil on the lips after application. It has a non-sticky texture yet an ultra-moisturising effect on the lips.


Now that I have given you my Top 5 Lip Balms to fight dry and chapped lips this winter, as a bonus, here I have covered some of the FAQs about lip balms too. So, I hope you pick the best lip balm for the most gorgeous lips to make your Pout Game stronger.

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1. Are Lip Balms Addicting?

This is just an old wives’ tale. There is no actual addiction to lip balm,  only you get used to moisturized lips.

2. Can Your Lip Balm Melt Depending on Climate & Where it is Stored?

Yes, depending on where you live and where you leave your lip balm (i.e. car, beach, office) it can melt in extreme temperatures or become soft. Once it is stabilized in normal temperatures it will solidify.

3. Is it Important to Protect Your Lips for the Sun?

Yes, it is important to protect your lips from the sun. Lips have little melanin, which is the pigment that helps screen out the sun’s harmful rays. The SPF-rated lip balm protects your lips from the sun’s harmful UV radiation.

4. Do I Need to Protect my Lips Indoors?

Yes, you do, many people lick their lips often out of habit. Depending on climate, the heat from the furnace in a house can be drying, as well as air conditioning which removes airborne moisture.

5. Is it Best to Use Lip Balm with Lipstick?

It is best to use lip balm under your lipstick so your lips benefit from the emollients. It also helps hold the lipstick on a little better.

6. How to decide if I won’t react to a lip balm?

Look out for the ingredients in the lip balm, especially if you have a sensitive skin. Always do a patch test on your hand before trying something new because lips have an ultrasensitive skin. You can make a wise selection only by trial and error method because not all lip balms are meant for every lip.


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