Hello, beautiful people out there. Good Vibes and Happiness to all of you.

So here I am making my debut into the blogging world. Let me clarify at the beginning, I am no writer. I won’t be using bombastic words and impressive idioms and phrases that would force you to open your dictionary after every five lines. Also, I don’t aspire to be the next Twinkle Khanna of India. I love her unduly to enter into her territory.

P.S: I love her husband way too much.

This new endeavour is solely dedicated to the people in my life who never stopped believing in me and were literally behind my rear to do something about the flairs that they believe I have. Also, I needed a platform to express my zillion thoughts and experiences that keep running in my mind like a Unicorn. So let’s begin with my first online journal.

If you want to know about the history or the scientific anatomy of this mythical animal, then please refer to Google and Wikipedia.

If you ask me, did they really exist?

” Now I will believe that there are Unicorns… ” — William Shakespeare, The Tempest. For me also, they always have. As a child, I was always smitten by fairy tales and magical creatures. I never let that inner child inside me grow up. Every night I’ll close my eyes and my Unicorn will arrive to take me to places I have never been. Unicorn is represented as a symbol of purity, loyalty, steadfastness and phantasm at the same time. That’s what makes it UNIQUE. So here are my 4 tips to be a Unicorn in this jam-packed world.


  1. BE U

If you know me personally, then probably you also know that’s my favourite tagline. Like your thumbprints, you are born with your unique traits. Tap on your inner self to find that. By copying someone, you can only be an imitation.

If you ask me what’s mine, then it is my compulsive optimistic nature. No wonder I was born with the blood group B +ve. I have this amazing ability to draw the best of conclusion from the worst of situation. That makes people believe that I have a perfect life. Believe me, I don’t have because nobody has. But my unique trait makes me soar through life just like the Unicorn soars through the clouds with its majestic wings.



Yes, being funny does not come as easy as it seems. If you have the ability to make someone laugh, especially when they are going through a difficult time then that is a real gift. Laughter is an instant vacation. Don’t worry if you don’t have that gift, then the best thing to do is to laugh at yourself. It may sound foolish but trust me, it works. “Everything is funny as long as it’s happening to someone else.” When the world is waiting for an opportunity to laugh at you, make them powerless by being the first one to do so. Then the world will laugh with you, which is definitely better than they laughing at you. So run wild and laugh freely just like a Unicorn.

P.S: Sometimes I take this one too seriously and end up looking silly. So know where to draw the line.



Yes, believe that you have magic inside you. With a sparkle in your eyes and shimmer in your heart, you can make the world pause for a moment. Train your heart to be angelic. A kind heart like a Unicorn’s can do absolute wonders to the world and self. When you will believe in your own magic, the world will follow suit and then your halo will make you stand out in a crowd.

P.S: I am a work-in-progress in this one.



The Unicorn’s beauty and strength lies in its glowing magical horn called an Alicorn. When in danger the Unicorn used his horn to land while jumping from a cliff, the horn bearing all the brunt. Grow a horn like that which will absorb all the negativities and adversities that come in the path of your happiness. Charge only forward with your horn, absorbing every shock that life has to offer you, only then will you see your rainbow. The Unicorn’s horn possessed healing powers too. Be a healer in a world which is overshadowed with negative emotions like jealousy, disapproval and hatred. Be the Unicorn who makes everyone believe they are one too.

P.S: Do not retreat when it is time to charge. The Unicorns were popular for their intolerance towards dishonesty and injustice and their Uni-horn was their biggest weapon.


So, that brings us to the conclusion of this journal. If this article brings out even an ounce of positivity in your life, then I will be blessed. Spread the good word and show some love.

Honest confession, it is really scary to enter the digital space where people are waiting safely behind their screen to judge you and dispirit you. Any healthy criticism is welcome but if you are incorrigibly decided to give a negative remark, then I would understand that you are going through some difficult phase in your life. Believe me, it will pass, so hold on till you turn into a Unicorn.


4 thoughts on “HOW TO BE A UNICORN”

  1. A Nobel idea to bring out one’s hidden talent.It is always better to express in unique platform rather than keeping quite.Keep it up.

  2. Very well written
    Now we can see the hidden quality in u.
    Although we know ur multi talented n beautiful which is very rare combination ,with beautiful 💓 .

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